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Property Maintenance Pointers

WINTER WEATHER: Be Safety Savvy and Go Green

The salt used in winter months improves public safety but also has a damaging impact to personal property and our environment. Here are some tips for reducing the risk in slippery conditions while maintaining our environment.

Get on the Right Track with Traction

  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Use snow tires on your vehicle
  • Apply sand or cat litter to ice

Alternative Snow & Ice Management Action

  • Clear snow with a plow or shovel, saving the salt for ice. Break ice with an ice chopper. Educate yourself about salt and ice-melter alternatives. Use appropriate materials for the temperature and time frame.
  • Keep eavestroughs clean and well-maintained. Plan a drainage path away from walkways and driveways.
  • Move piled snow to an area that will reduce run-off to paved areas.

Reveal Your Radiance - Lighting Lessons

Lighting is important to your property for many reasons.

  • Projecting a clean, bright, welcoming image attracts customers and is pleasant to the general public.
  • Lighting is usually considered the most important safety and security feature in a parking facility. It deters crime and vandalism and creates a sense of personal safety.
  • Poorly lit bulbs waste your money by using the same amount of electricity yet not providing the correct light. Alternative light sources can be economical and environmentally friendly.

Property maintenance professional can help illuminate your image. Service contracts can be established that will keep your property lit year round. Facility light poles are mapped to show you which poles are in need of service. Routine inspections and lighting service work ensures you will never be left out in the dark.

Choosing A Snow & Ice Management Service Provider

Climate change produces a variety of winter weather from extreme temperatures to excessive precipitation. An experienced snow & ice management services provider can be a valuable resource in maintaining site safety during the winter months.

Insurance & Risk Management

A qualified snow & ice management service provider should have adequate insurance and maintain good risk management practices such as site inspections and activity logs.


It's important to have the expectations, rights, and responsibilities of both parties clearly outlined in a written agreement that is signed by both parties before the season starts.


Does the snow & Ice management service provider have sufficient working capital, appropriate equipment, and adequate manpower to complete work in the toughest of conditions?

Pricing Options

Services can be provided at a seasonal cost or on per occurrence basis. Generally , a good risk management practice is to allow the snow & ice management service provider to provide services at their discretion.

De-icing & Anti-Icing

Professional snow & ice management service providers are educated in the use of de-icing and anti-icing products. They will use the appropriate material for the situation considering public safety, economic efficiency, and environmental impact.

Weather & Conditions

Local weather conditions vary from heavy snowfalls to freezing rain. Experienced snow & ice management service providers monitor forecasts and weather conditions to ensure they're ready to work whatever the weather.

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