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Professional Pruning


Removal of dead, dying, diseased, weakly attached, and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree.

Density Reduction

Thinning of foliage at the crown periphery to increase wind and light penetration and promote interior foliage development.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges can act as a windbreak and provide privacy. Routine maintenance allows hedges to maintain their shape.

L / T / D

A comprehensive clean-up of the tree including lifting the canopy, thinning the foliage, and removing dead and unhealthy branches.

Line Clearing And Utility Work

Arborists work with utility companies to trim branches away from communication, secondary, primary, and transmission lines.


Removing the lower branches from a tree to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, and vistas.


Reducing a tree’s height or spread by pruning back the leaders and branch terminals to strong secondary branches while maintaining structural integrity. Reduction is healthy alternative to the harmful practice of topping.

Structural Pruning

Establishment of a strong scaffold structure in a young tree: a central trunk with sturdy, well-spaced branches. A properly pruned young tree will grow into a mature tree that requires minimal maintenance.

Other Tree Services

Agricultural Clearing

Cleaning up fence lines by trimming and or removing trees can improve crop yields.

Contractor’s Services

Industrial chippers and heavy equipment are ready to handle any project. Quality value-added services form the basis for a continuing business relationship.

Assessments and Consultations

A detailed appraisal comprised from a personal meeting and site visit then documented in a written report. Options include tree inventory, risk assessment, tree valuation, plant health care, maintenance planning, and planting projects.

Residential Services

Experienced staff use rigging and specialized equipment to handle large trees in close quarters (machines can fit through a 36” backyard gate). Client communication is a priority to ensure tree health and customer satisfaction.

Brush Chipping

Piles of branches can attract unwanted wildlife and damage lawns. A clean-up crew can quickly dispose of the debris.

Municipal Services

From scheduling tree maintenance to performing priority projects, municipal services are coordinated with local communities.

Community Education

From “Tree Talks in the Park” to school presentations and garden club talks, arborists share information on tree care. Speakers are available for scheduling by community groups.

Storm Clean-up

Strong winds, heavy rainfall, snow & ice, and lightning strikes can cause significant damage to trees. Arborists work to protect people, property, and tree health. Emergency storm response is available after-hours including insurance claims and restoration company requests.


Discounts & Special Offers

A 10% senior’s discount on services is available year-round for people over the age of 65. Promotions and monthly specials are available at various times of the year.

Stump Grinding

Grinding machines reduce roots to below ground level allowing grass to be planted or preparing for building projects. Larger machines work rapidly while smaller machines can fit through a 36” backyard gate.

Egg Mass Scraping

Egg mass scraping is a non-chemical method of dealing with invasive defoliating pests such as LDD moths (previously referred to as gypsy moths). Arborists employ technical tools to access and remove egg masses on tall trees.

Tree Planting

From tree selection and site preparation to mulching and staking, professional planting promotes tree longevity.


Fertilization can correct many deficiencies that limit tree growth. Slow-release formulas offer a continuous supply of nutrients to the root system.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is recommended when a tree is dead, dying, irreparably hazardous, or causing an obstruction that cannot be corrected through pruning. Arborists remove trees safely and efficiently using appropriate equipment.

Free Estimates

A no-obligation pricing consideration for specific tree care queries. Depending on the details, this may involve a short site visit scheduled at the estimator’s discretion.


Lot Clearing

Professional, efficient removal of multiple trees for a building project or development.

Tree Transplanting

A tree spade is a specialized machine that is used to mechanically relocate shrubs or small trees. Coming soon!

Retail Products


A selection of quality shirts and hoodies are available from the sustainable Western Canada-based company ten tree (10 trees are planted for every purchase).


Technical and topical books about tree care, plant identification, and more are available as well as a selection of children’s books about trees.

Bulk Wood

Large chunks of wood are available for woodworking projects or outdoor wood burners.

Fertilizers & Pesticides

A variety of fertilizer options and natural pest controls are available for promoting tree health.


Various varieties of split firewood stacked by face cord are available for pick up.


Aged woodchip mulch and shredded seasoned mulch provide natural options for landscapes. Delivery available. Colour options coming soon!



A good general-purpose topsoil (screened to approximately 3/8”) that is ideal for a variety of applications from lawn reseeding to gardening. Delivery available.

Tree Care Tools

Pruners, sprayers, watering bags and more are available for home-based tree care.

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