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Wyoming Tree Service has been providing professional tree care and property maintenance services to Lambton County since 2000. The company has grown steadily over the years, branching out into several areas of operation. Our well-trained team of hardworking arborists, climbers, and groundspeople are leaders in their field.


Wyoming Tree Service provides you with personal and professional service and enhances your environment with excellent maintenance. Our efficient work practices make safety a priority. From residential tree removal for homeowners to line clearing operations, commercial clients and industrial services to municipal work, we give our entire network of customers the quality service they deserve.


In one word, this describes the essence of Wyoming Tree Service’s work habits and equipment. Everything is utilized to its maximum potential. The end result is a variety of services and, more importantly, value-added pricing for our customers. In this economy, we believe it’s important to keep our prices competitive without sacrificing quality. And, by maximizing our efficiency, we believe that we are consistently providing our customers with the best deal.


Wyoming Tree Service is fully insured in all areas of operation. We carry comprehensive liability insurance for your peace of mind. Wyoming Tree Service conforms to the requirements of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, providing coverage for all their employees.


At Wyoming Tree Service, safety is our priority. Wyoming Tree Service exceeds industry standards when it comes to safety. All employees on staff have current first aid training. Regular safety meetings are held to review health and safety topics. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided for all staff with instructions for proper usage. Staff are trained in traffic control for roadside operations and are prepared for emergency work after-hours or in inclement weather. Uniformed employees and marked vehicles make Wyoming Tree Service recognizable. Our well-maintained fleet of vehicles and equipment is equipped with up-to-date features that help us get the job done efficiently and safely.


Wyoming Tree Service believes training is an essential component in providing you with professionals you can trust. Our in-house training program includes an extensive orientation for new employees on all equipment they will be operating and regular training meetings and evaluations to review and expand their knowledge. Employees have access to a wide library of materials as well as hands-on training sessions to continually hone their skills. Employees also receive training in live line utility work from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA). Practical training in areas such as Tree Climbing Methods and Best Practice, Arborist Rigging Applications, Chainsaw Handling, Safety & Ergonomics, Precision Felling, Tree Dynamics & Integrated Risk Assessment, and Arborist Technical Rigging is provided to employees by Arboriculture Canada. Wyoming Tree Service belongs to Landscape Ontario. Wyoming Tree Service staff are supporting members of the International Society of Arboriculture ISA.

Rooted in customer satisfaction, Wyoming Tree Service provides tree care you can trust.

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Professional service. Friendly workers. Competitive pricing. We can give you lots of reasons to choose Wyoming Tree Service. However, we believe it’s best to let our customers speak for themselves. Here are some of their testimonials.

Crew was professional, safe... and very courteous


Anyone I spoke with on the phone was phenomenal. Crew was out earlier than expected, very professional and kind. I can't believe how clean they left everything.


My neighbour was a linesman with hydro and was very impressed with the crew


Great job, highly recommend. Have used WTS before.


The foreman and crew provided excellent service.

Rev. MatthewCorunna

When a problem came up, you came back and sorted it all out. Keep up your exceptional work & service.


Employees were professional & courteous.


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