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For years, Wyoming Tree Service has been providing you with beautiful and economical natural mulch products. We are pleased to expand our offering by introducing Colorbiotics mulch.  Manufactured at our Wyoming facility using local wood, this is a quality landscape product for garden design. Seasoned wood is ground into mulch and screened for sizing consistency. Colorbiotics colorants are added to create a beautiful array of vibrant colours. These non-toxic colorants are made with human-grade cosmetic ingredients and are safe for animals and the environment. Resins assist with colour adhesion and UV-stable pigments resist sun-fading. Beautify your landscape with safe and long-lasting colour using Colorbiotics mulch!

Special Introductory Pricing ONLY $30/cubic yard*

*Introductory pricing in effect April 17 – May 18, 2023. Subject to HST. Colorbiotics mulch is currently only sold in bulk. Available for delivery and pick-up year-round. Natural mulches also available.

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